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Crystal Lamps

Crystal Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom Office:  Crystal Lamps are treasured for their brilliant and translucent sparkle. Crystal is usually a clear color and will therefore go with any color scheme. It is also made in colors such as black and amber.  Crystal is created from the combination of glass and lead oxide which allows the material to have its distinctive cuts and facets. offers crystal table lamps in Traditional and Contemporary styles.  And, we offer a Free Visualization Service. See how a particular lamp would look in your home before you purchase! 

Classic and Contemporary Interiors with Crystal Table Lamps

crystal lampAssociated with chandeliers, candelabras, stemware, and other accoutrements of luxury living, crystal has been used in interiors for centuries. Other than diamonds and gold, few materials signal taste and sophistication like this one. 

The world’s obsession with crystal has even resulted in a tourist attraction dedicated entirely to the natural, glittering form: At Swarovski’s main factory, an Austrian destination called Crystal World, visitors can tour a cave in a crystal mountain guarded by a massive “Crystal Monster” with crystal eyes and a crystal waterfall pouring forth from its mouth.

To the left, matching this living room’s upscale look, a crystal table lamp next to the sofa complements the glass coffee table and introduces a welcome touch of gloss to the understated design scheme. The shape nods to the traditional, making it appropriate here.

Photo Above: Design by Linda Merrill. Photo ©Michael J. Lee.

crystal buffet lampCrystal Lamps for Glamorous Touches

You needn’t install a grand chandelier to infuse your home with the elegance crystal conveys. Crystal table lamps are a natural way to add instant glamour to a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

A combination of glass and lead, crystal is translucent and therefore easy to introduce into nearly every color scheme. The addition of lead is what allows the glass to be cut. Cut glass brings the play of sparkle and texture into a room.

Thanks to a vastly expanded range of lead crystal lamps, the material has transcended its formal reputation. Crystal lamps find their way into upscale environments across the style spectrum, and it is now one of the most fashionable choices for accent lighting.

To the right, a duo of crystal lamps on a slim console table brings a touch of lightness against the dark wood. A stacked trio of equally sized globes adds visual interest and an element of Regency glamour.

Crystal Bedside LampThe Modern Look of a Crystal Lamp

Whatever your specific taste, crystal table lamps function as jewelry in a room and immediately elevate its style quotient.

Crystal lamps are increasingly showing up in contemporary interiors. Shape is one aspect that takes crystal in a more modern direction. A simple, bold form makes a modern statement, one that is becoming popular in rooms where the homeowner wants a little bling without an over-the-top embellishment.

To the left, a pair of vase-shaped crystal bases flank the bed in this serene sanctuary, where a dose of color would have disturbed the soft, monochromatic scheme.  A simple shade puts the attention on this eye-catching contemporary bedside crystal lamp.

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