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Buffet Lamps

Buffet lamps or console lamps are a great way to add lighting to a narrow table surface and bring attention to a dark wall. Here, you will find a variety of traditional, contemporary, and modern buffet table lamps and buffet table lamp sets in brass, wood, crystal and more. On a buffet table that is 36” in height, a buffet lamp should generally be 28” (top of finial) or less in height. also offers tall and slender candlestick lamps other lamps that are sized for narrow surfaces such as a bedroom dresser.


Buffet table lamps are not only stylish and add beauty to your decor but they are extremely versatile and can also be utilized in many areas of your home. Buffet lamps are both a functional and decorative source of light.

Most any room benefits from multiple sources of light.. Sometimes lighting is needed for general illumination, sometimes for specific tasks such as reading, and sometimes to create a romantic mood. There are many types of lighting such as buffet lampsbedside lampsdresser lampsdesk lampsfloor lampssconces, and chandeliers.  Below are a few tips on choosing various types of lamps.


Buffet lamps also called console lamps, or candlestick lamps are lamps that are tall. Usually standing 32 to 36 inches tall, measuring from the base to the top of the shade, or finial. Buffet lamps come with a narrow base, often appearing like a thin candlestick, with a small shade.


Buffet lamp shades usually have a base dimension around 12 inches or less. Buffet lamps generally houses a 75-watt bulb or less, usually depending on the width of their shade. A pair of buffet lamps can illuminate about the same amount of space as one 150-watt table lamp.




Smaller buffet lamps stand 24 to 30 inches tall are sometimes referred to as candlestick lamps due to their candlestick shape. The shorter style generally  takes a 60-watt bulb. Smaller Candlestick lamps standing less than 24 inches in height should be considered an accent lamp.


Buffet lamps can be used on a buffet table, a chest, on dressers, or pedestals, console tables, a credenza, and on a sofa table, etc. When decorating with a buffet lamp,  keep the  height of the lamp and the surface it’s set on around 58 to 64 inches range. This is important when using them in a room where there are table and floor lamps. The reasoning, you want eyes to move horizontally through the room from the top of the lamp shade to the other without gazing up or down too much.

If you use a buffet lamp in a dining room, or on a console table, where there are no other fixtures like table lamps or floor lamps to compare for height, it’s appropriate for them to be a little taller. Just be sure they are not too tall that you see the bottom of the shade or the exposed light bulb.

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