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Contemporary Lamps

The Contemporary style reflects a design aesthetic that is current to the time.  Simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture, and clean lines help to define a contemporary lamp.

CONTEMPORARY LAMPS FOR THE LIVING ROOM, BEDROOM, OR OFFICE: offers a wide range of affordable and high-end contemporary table lamps in large and small sizes by Wildwood Lamps, Uttermost, Frederick Cooper, Decorative Crafts, and others. If you need assistance, give us a call. We also offer a Free Visualization Service that places a photo of a lamp or other product on your photo that you send us. Free Shipping, No Tax.


There’s no shortage of stunning contemporary style table lamps for those who love decorating in this room style.

Many contemporary lamps could complement almost any style of the room while others are more modern in design.

Modern contemporary style lamps are the perfect choice for the young – or just the young at heart.


Where do you plan to place the lamps? If you have a favorite chair where you always sit and read, then it makes sense to place a lamp close by.


If you want to draw attention to a particular object or piece of art, then placing a table lamp close by will highlight it.

If the contemporary table lamps have a narrow, delicate base that might be easily tipped over and you will have lots of people moving around or kids running back and forth –  you might reconsider your choice.

If it will be placed on a small table, choose a small lamp. A larger, more spacious room can handle a larger modern contemporary lamp.


When you are considering contemporary lamps the height of the lamp is an important consideration. If the lamp is on a bedside table or on a side table beside a sofa, make sure that you won’t end up peering up into the lamp.

For any room – the height of the table lamp will depend on the height of the table o which it sets. In general – in the living or family room, a good height for a table lamp is usually between 28″ and 34″ (top of finial).

For a bedside lamp, the height range is generally between 26″ and 33″ (top of finial). For a dresser, a good height may be between 22″ and 28″.


Contemporary lamp colors can be, literally, any. From the very bright to the muted barely there, with contemporary design really anything goes.

A wonderful way to add a nice shot of style and color to a boring room is with a uniquely colored lamp — perhaps a dusty plum, mustard, aqua, teal, or persimmon.

Or, transparent glass lamps make a statement too – whether they are colorless or in other colors such as green, blue, or silver.


Contemporary style lamp shades can range from simple to elaborate and box, cone, drum, cylinder, and many other shapes. Choose lamps with shades to compliment your furniture.

Sometimes contemporary lamp shades are just as, or more, colorful than the lamp bases. Materials can include glass, metal, and, of course, fabric.

Contemporary table lamps offer a wealth of choices as far as style, shape, color, mood, finish, and shades. With choices like these, there’s no end to the excitement you can create in your home.

Featuring beautiful contemporary table lamps by Wildwood Lamps, Uttermost, Frederick Cooper, Decorative Crafts

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