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Palm Tree Lamps


If you desire to live in the tropics with palm trees, the feel of the ocean and coconuts or pineapples. Our tropical designed Palm table Lamps and palm tree table lamps which deliver a relaxed ambiance that’s conveyed when you have sand between your toes. 

Our hand-picked collection of tropical-themed lamps and home décor, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and wall lighting reflect the natural  beauty of a tropical paradise.

palm-tree-table-lamp-with-rattan-shade-1cThe beauty of tropical palm leaves make a space feel warm is unrivaled by other forms of decor. Many designers make plants and palm trees their go-to interior-design aesthetic such as “industrial bohemian” And many savvy interior designers will even decorate with individual palm leaves.

Tropical-Inspired Decor – Palm Table Lamps & Floor Lamps

Visit the tropics! If not by plane, then by design magic! Tropical design can involve natural materials, like rattan, bamboo wicker, and teak. And, many Designers fill up spaces with tropical lighting such as a palm tree table lamp or a palm floor lamp, with other accents such as palm leaves, lattice prints and cane motifs.

Placing a single palm in a vase and calling it a design accent is a lame way to decorate, but somehow, the palm design trend works well. It may have something to do with how huge palm leaves are. And, they’re so easy. All you really need is a vase and a palm leaf, and your design is done.

Plus, you can get palm leaves easily, cheaply and anywhere. Most are faux — but fake palm leaves look better and really less obvious than immitation flowers.

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