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Traditional Floor Lamps

Traditional Style is a term that refers to a myriad of styles that were created, for the most part, prior to the 20th century. Authentic natural materials, hand-made, finely crafted, intricate or ornate detailing, are some of the features that typically describe the Traditional style.

Traditional Floor Lamps for the Living Room, Bedroom, or Office.  

Traditional lighting is typically more ornate or formal, these traditional floor lamps are more refined and have more thoughtful and intricate details designed to inspire a classic architectural style which adds warmth, sophistication, and richness to your home decor.


To create a unique and personal feel, the design can combine traditional design styles with other specific styles that they may like. Speaking of traditional interior design schemes, the important aspects of this style are showcasing the silhouettes of other accessories of the decor, also known as the “lines” of furnishings.

  • Accessories include urns, traditional mirrorsframed prints, pairs of lamps, plants, vases,  china, and book collections. Object pairs are generally arranged with a  balance of symmetry.
  • Lighting fixtures exhibit a classic style. Lamps that have silk shades, like floor lamps, and wall sconces, might all be utilized. Lamp shades should be plain in lighter colors like white or ivory.

It doesn’t matter which age group you’re in, you’ll still have the ability to make use of a traditional interior design style for your decor to make it as calm, classic, and timeless as you would want it to be. This style can also be combined with other specific design styles that you find visually appealing that creates that unique look. offers a wide range of affordable and high-end Traditional floor lamps. We also offer a free Visualization Service that lets you see how a particular lamp would look in your home before you purchase!