Coastal lighting tips for your new home you will love

Good lighting in a home is of great importance for a pleasant ambiance. In fact, lighting can contribute a lot to the interior. For the feel-good atmosphere in your living place, it’s a good idea to include coastal lighting in your home. You can create your coastal paradise in your home that is peaceful, clean, and fresh. Here are some coastal lighting tips for your new home that you will love.

Bring in colors of the coast

The best way to achieve a coastal vibe is to include neutral colors into your space. Therefore, choose light blue,  sandy beige, seaweed green, and shades of rusty brown colors. Start with a neutral palette and then layer more neutrals in a similar tone and accent everything with pale blues and greens. Use warm and neutral pieces and add elegant details like mirrors. The trick is to stick with the patterns in similar colors. Those colors will give your space the coastal charm you are looking for.

A room decorated with coastal elements.
Bring colors into your new home.

Design each room individually 

The lighting in your home should be adapted to the requirements of each room. You should also think about the different areas of a room, which should be used differently and therefore illuminated differently. You want to find the right type of lighting for each room in your home. For example, table lamps or spotlights are ideal for creating a high-contrast, targeted light. With high-contrast lighting, we can concentrate better. So besides the lighting in the background, task lights should always be available.

Coastal ideas for the living room

Most people spend a great majority of their free time in the living room. It is a place where we can completely relax and enjoy ourselves with our family and friends, or by ourselves. You can make your living room chic and give it a coastal feeling by adding some coastal decor. It can be easily achieved by adding some nautical accents, stripes, and lights. And do not forget some tropical plants; every living room deserves to be decorated with plants. That way, you are bringing nature into your home. Here are some other ideas:

  • Fill a bowl with seashells and use it as the centerpiece for your coffee table
  • One of the best coastal lighting tips for your new home is to hang a chandelier above the center of the living room
  • Place beach-tone rugs and light wood varieties. Use a natural fiber rug
  • Put some sheer curtains but do not forget to let enough light in

Design your own home decor

While there are some great ideas available, you can get creative and make your own home decor crafts that are easy to do. For example, you can transform an old lamp and give it a whole new look. Just because it doesn’t match your decor doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. All you need is a nautical rope and some hot glue. Now you can enjoy your old lamp for years to come.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors have a great ability to brighten your home. They can also visually expand a room and make it appear bigger. You can easily transform your home with some beautiful mirrors, as any tight space will appear more open and attractive. So besides their practical use, mirrors are a great addition to your living space.

Mirror on the wall
Hang mirrors on your walls and thus visually expand the space!

Coastal lighting tips for your new home you will love

It often happens that the lighting determines whether we feel comfortable in a room. Depending on the contrast, the color, or the brightness, lighting can have a completely different effect. Indirect luminaires, for example, create soft feel-good light, whereas the workplace requires very bright, focused lighting. 

To get the best out of a room, you need to plan your lighting strategy. Ideally, the lighting design is already taken into account during construction or renovation. Take the opportunity to talk to an expert about your ideas.

Utilize wall lamps to achieve a coastal look  

Wall lights produce very soft lighting. They have the advantage of not getting in the way or taking up unnecessary space in small rooms. They are also suitable as indirect light in the background, depending on the place of use and intensity. Articulating lamps are also indispensable for a perfect light mixing at home. They have a swivel head and either stand on a heavy base or can be mounted on a wall. Thanks to their flexibility, they are particularly practical when light with variable intensity is needed.  

Wall light, mirror and plant hanging on the wall
Caption: Wall lights are a great solution for smaller rooms!

Coastal wall decor

You can achieve a coastal vibe in your home with some wall art and wall decor. Wall art can transform your whole room. For a coastal feel, you would focus on getting back to nature. You can create a coastal retreat with just a few decorative changes. For example, layer your bed with pillows and cover your bedroom wall with tropical plant wallpaper.

 Pillows on the bed and hanging lamps
Caption: Decorate your walls with wallpaper and thus create a coastal atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can always bring the coastal vibe into your home. Create your sanctuary with these coastal lighting tips for your new home and you can achieve anything you want with a little will and imagination. As the saying goes, there is no place like home.

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