Why is knowledge about the types of sink mounting vital for sink selection?

What kind of sink you need for your kitchen depends on the aesthetic and functional considerations. You need to balance it well to get the sink that looks good and serves your purpose to the fullest. To start with, you must have a comfortable kitchen space that allows installing the sink of the proper size and place it according to the basic rule of kitchen layout by following the concept of the kitchen triangle. If the kitchen is small, then your choice if sinks are limited, and hardly you can think about using the sink to enhance the aesthetics of the place. 


You must choose the best place to install the sink, which is the central piece of equipment that determines kitchen workflows. Ensure that the counter top dimensions are suitable for fitting all types of sinks. The space under the counter top is also essential so that you have complete flexibility in choosing a black kitchen sink regardless of its kind of installation. There are different methods of sink installation or mounting that you must know about to judge if the counter top space would be suitable to install the type of sink that you have in mind. While it is easy to select a sink by considering its looks, you must consider the size and the method of installation, too, and match it with the available space so that things will work as planned.

What is the kitchen triangle?

The kitchen triangle is a concept about the layout of the three most important kitchen equipment – the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove or cook top. The three equipment form the main work areas of the kitchen, and the positions must be such so that there is a smooth workflow across the equipment for better efficiency. The theory states that the three equipment should form the vertices of an imaginary triangle, and each side or arm of the triangle should be between 4 feet and 9 feet, and the perimeter of the triangle, which is the sum of the sides should range between 13 feet and 26 feet. 

Violating the norms will upset the workflow, and you must ensure that your kitchen is spacious enough to apply the concept. The arms of the triangle represent traffic flow in a kitchen and ensure rotational movements between the tasks of storage (refrigerator), chopping or peeling in the sink, and cooking on the stove or cook top.

Why should you consider the type of sink installation?


Among the three equipment, which is essential for any kitchen, the sink is very critical. While it is easy to change the refrigerator or stove whenever you want without any hassles, replacing the sink is not so simple. Changing sinks might require quite a bit of modification work, which can even limit your choices depending on the available space and location of the sink. The task is also complicated if the new sink requires a different type of installation than the earlier one. Therefore, you must consider the type of installation along with the appearance – color, material, and style of the sink during selection.

Types of kitchen sink installation

Drop-in and under mount are the most common types of sink installation. Drop-in sinks are easy to install as it consists of placing the sink in the cut-out from the top while under mount installation consists of working from the underside of the counter top to hold the sink in place.

Drop-in sinks


Drop-in sinks have a rim on all sides of the edge, which is why many people call it a self-rimming sink. The rim sits on the counter top while the sink basin fits within the opening, and the rim carries the weight of the sink. Installation is quite straightforward because must lower the sink in the cut-out, and the sink sits in place on its own.To hold the sink firmly in place on the counter top, you can use metal clips as anchors.

 Since the rim supports the weight of the sink without any additional support, the sink is made from durable and robust metal like stainless steel or cast iron or composite material. Stainless steel is most popular because of affordability and low maintenance and snit-rusting properties besides being easy to clean. Most importantly, stainless steel is lightweight, which is also a reason for its popularity.

Under mount sinks


To install an under mount sink, you need counter tops made from some solid material like stone, natural or synthetic, that can adequately support the heavy weight of the sink. The installation happens from the underside of the counter top. The edge of the sink is plain that flushes with the counter top to give a neat and clean appearance. The standard method of installing stainless steel under mount sinks consists of using brackets from the bottom of the counter top to support the sink. For sinks made from heavier materials, supports used for the sink are glued or screwed to the underside of the counter top to hold the sink firmly in place. The installation requires professional competence, and you should get it done by professionals only.  Under mount sinks do not have any lip and easy to clean by wiping the counter top to drive all materials into the sink.

Farmhouse sinks


Apron sink is another name of the farmhouse sink that has an apron in the front, which extends beyond the edge of the counter top. Enameled cast iron or porcelain are the materials for this type of sinks that are heavy and have deep bowls. Farmhouse sinks appear to remain attached to the underside of the counter top, but usually, a structure constructed into the cabinet under the counter top supports the sink firmly. This type of sinks also requires professional installation. 

Integrated sinks


Integrated sinks are special because these are molded into the counter top, which means the design of the counter top includes the sink too. Being a part of the counter top, the sink does not require separate installation because it automatically sits in place when you install the counter top. These sinks are hard to replace, as it involves replacing the entire counter top.

Since the number of bowls of the sink, single bowl or double bowl, determines the sink size and depth, you must also factor it during selection.

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