10 tips to improve the lighting in your home

Our home is a sanctuary, a place where we can unwind and rest after the stresses of the day. To create a relaxing and soothing environment, that not only looks fantastic, but functions perfectly, your choice of lighting can be a powerful tool.

Not just able to accentuate a space, compliment your theme and light up the room, your choice of lighting can create emotions and ignite energy levels.

Whether you are switching on a powerful floor lamp or using a desk lamp, we will be taking a look at the top 10 tips that you too can use to improve the lighting in your home.

By following our top tips, from removing a harsh white light to adding a warm and welcoming feel, discover the power of lighting and the importance of this tool in your home.


The importance of lighting

An important tool, from bright overhead lights, spot lights to floor lights, how we use lights differs between home to home.

Whether you prefer to look at the interior style of the light or the function and performance of your bulb, the power of lighting should not be ignored.

From an interior design point of view, lighting can alter and affect the mood of the home but also of its habitants.

Able to offer an alternative light source for rooms with no natural light, lighting can also make a room appear bigger whilst reflecting the colour of the furniture.

Although, it may seem like a challenge, mastering the key elements for successful lighting is simpler to conquer than you once thought.

What types of lighting is there?


Whether you are wanting to light your living room or turn your kitchen into a clean and crisp space, lighting is a powerful tool.

With a handful of different styles of lighting available, the hardest challenge when it comes to improving the appearance of your home and that is to discover which style is best suited to your needs.

From Ambient, Accent to Pendant lights, the range of lighting options are bountiful. All equally important, take the time to discover which style of lighting is best suited to your room, able to improve the decor or expand the space.

What other types of lighting is there, I hear you cry;

Here are our 10 top tips to master the lighting in your home:

1- Use energy efficient bulbs

More expensive than the ordinary light bulb, one of the benefits of spending more, is the brighter light that is released. Along with a brighter light, ideal for lightening your room, energy efficient bulbs are also prone to lasting longer, helping to save you money in the long run while also reducing your carbon footprint.

2- Use light bulbs 40 watts or less

When it comes to lighting your study or bedroom, it is advised that you use light bulbs of 40 watts or less. Able to create a more soothing and welcoming area, if however, you want to light up your garage, a light bulb of 40 watts and more would be required.

3- Use a variety of different light sources

Along with the addition of either an overhead light or a large free standing, floor lamp, if your room has a window, make sure to pull the curtains and raise the blinds. Allowing natural light to flood into the room, natural light makes a huge difference to the space, feel and energy of a room. It is also recommended that you use a minimum of three different light sources within your home. An example of this can be, an overhead light, a table light and some ambient lighting.

4- Ambience lighting

From candles flickering on a dark autumnal night, to a Morrcan lantern projecting hypnotic shadows across the wall, the power of ambience lighting should not be ignored. Not only can it light up a room, it can help to create a focal point, adding charm and character to an otherwise dull room. For those decorating a children’s room or wanting to add some playfulness to an otherwise serious spot, consider draping fairy lights for some added fun.

5- Start with a lamp


For those unsure where to start when it comes to updating and rejuvenating the lighting within their home, then look no further than a table lamp. By placing a table light either onto a worktop or onto a coffee table, you can add light sources around the lamp that accompany both the decor and light of your choice.

6- Light all dark corners in your home

It is recommended for those wanting to use the power of light to brighten their home, that they start with lighting all dark corners, crooks and crannies. Through the use of wall lights and spotlights, by brightening up any dark corners, you can create an appealing and bright energy throughout your home. Perfect for dark, windy winter evenings, by turning your home into a bright space, you can hibernate and stay rejuvenated throughout the colder months.

7- Consider a dimmer switch

A quick and simple task, when it comes to purchasing a dimmer, you can find dimmers for a range of different prices. Easy to install, a dimmer allows you to conveniently change the brightness of the light for a range of circumstances, whether for added romance or to relax amongst candle light. 

8- Opt for blinds

When decorating your home, consider adding blinds to your rooms, instead of curtains. With a number of added functions, blinds take up less space and allow more natural light into your room through the day. Blocking out the light when required, blinds can help to add privacy and allow in light when needed.

9- Keeps the colour of walls neutral

When it comes to adding some much needed light into the room, it is recommended that you paint your walls a light and neutral colour. A colour that should be considered when painting smaller rooms and rooms without windows, a light colour can create an illusion of space.

Making a room also feel light and airy, white walls are a powerful addition, helping to also improve the energy within your home. 

10- Place mirrors near windows


If decorating a smaller size room that you are wanting to make appear bigger through the addition of decor, then consider placing mirrors and reflective objects close to a mirror. A strategic move, the reflection from wall mirrors will help to project more natural light around the room, which in turn can boost your mood.

There you have it, our 10 top tips on how you too can improve the lighting within your home. An important and powerful feature, when it comes to lighting, there are many rules that you must follow.

From discovering which style of lighting is best suited to your room, to the importance of natural light.

By honing your skills and being creative in your colour scheme and positioning of the light, you can enhance, brighten, expand and improve the general energy of your home.

A key feature, we recommend to anyone about to conduct a much needed interior design makeover, to look no further than our fantastic guide, helping you to make the most of our homes, no matter the weather.

What did you think of our ten top tips? Perhaps you too have a tip that you think we should have included? Let us know and share with us your lighting recommendations.

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