6 Decorative Accessories That Will Make Your Living Room Trendy and Welcoming

In many homes, the Living Room tends to be the room you spend the least time in. It is the area of the house in which you’re told as a child to not touch anything. It is the room with the stuffy furniture and couches you barely want to sit on. Well, times are changing, and the Living Room is now becoming the “it” room. Rather than the least visited in the house, the Living Room should be the center of it. The key to creating a welcoming Living Room environment is the decorative accessories that bring it to life.

When thinking about decorative accessories for your Living Room, you’ll want to pick ones that reflect your personality while amplifying the look of your home. Though you don’t want the room to stand out too much from the ambiance of your home, you’ll also want it to have its own character. These 10 trendy decorative accessories will turn your Living Room vibes from “stay away” to “come and play.”

  1. Oversized Mirrors

Oversized mirrors should not only be part of your Living Room from a practicality purpose. They should also be present in your Living Room as a design aesthetic. If your Living Room is small, an oversized mirror will give off the appearance that the room is more spacious. If your room is larger, the oversized mirror will act as a focal point. Oversized mirrors can either match the color scheme or add a pop of color and are a must.

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  1. Large Area Rug

A living room space is not complete without this crucial decorative accessory. The color of your area rug should tie together all of the different elements in the room from the artwork to the furniture. There are many types of trendy area rugs with varying fabrics and pile heights. In the past, you may have been tempted to choose the fanciest pattern or material. Instead, pick the one that speaks to you from both a pattern and a comfort perspective.


  1. Greenery

One of the biggest trends to hit Living Rooms across the country is to bring the elements of the outside in. Modern spaces are complemented by succulents and air plants while more traditional areas call for oversized pots with large ferns or fiddle trees. These decorative accents bring a multi-dimensional feel to the area. If you don’t have a green thumb there many options for realistic-looking artificial ones. Artificial plants and succulents also work well if your Living Room doesn’t get natural light.


  1. Buffet Lamps

Out-of-the-box lighting fixtures are another trendy element that will breathe new life into your tired Living Rooms. Instead of the typical, dated floor lamps, go for the slimmer and trendier buffet lamp. These come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, so you can accent your design and make the room glow. You should also be cognizant of the actual lightbulb you select. For a more subdued space, you may want to choose a warm-colored bulb instead of a bright white.

  1. Accent Chair

Aside from comfy couches, you’ll actually want to sit on, a trendy living room also deserves a fun colored accent chair. Accent chairs can be considered the cornerstone of a fashionable Living Room. Choose one that has a pop of color, funky pattern or different material compared to the main furniture of the room. Accompany this with similar colored pillows or a throw blanket to put on the main furniture to tie it all together. 

  1. Coffee Table Accessories

There are some finishing touches that though they may seem trivial, make a big difference. To polish off that Living Room look, sprinkle in decorative accessories like funky geometric trays, uniquely scented candles, and oversized books. You may even want to add some fun frames with photos of family and friends. Many people prefer not to have television sets in their Living Rooms. This is a sentiment shared by many, as a Living Room should be a place for conversation. Instead of television for entertainment, you may want to include some games. This may mean investing in popular board games or beautiful sets of playing cards.

While all of these fabulous accessories will ensure your space is trendy, it will only be inviting if it is also sparkling clean. With house cleaning services from reliable companies like Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning, you can focus on the décor, while allowing the experts to make it shine. Whether your home requires a deep cleaning or just light touches and polishing, these professionals offer a variety of services. Attention to detail is key when hiring a cleaning service. You certainly won’t want your beautiful decorative accessories to be coated in a layer of dust.


Don’t let your Living Room sit as the unforgotten space in your home. When looking to breathe new life into your Living Room, there are a few decorative accessories you should consider. Outfit your space with an oversized mirror, large area rug, potted plants or greenery, buffet lamps, accent chairs and a variety of coffee table accessories. While these may seem small individually, all together they create a warm, personal space that everyone will want to hang out in. When redesigning this area, you should also keep in mind how you will maintain the cleanliness of it.  A professional cleaning service like Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning is the perfect fit to keep your house always ready for guests.


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