Embrace the Autumn in Your Very Own Woodland Retreat

Woodland retreat sure is a perfect way to get out of the urban jungle and relax without being disturbed by noisy neighbors, traffic jams and polluted air. Autumn is a great time to leave your home and get decompressed among the trees and plants away from all the stress that is usually a part of living in the big city. Embracing autumn is one of the best ways to transition from summer to colder weather and decorating your woodland retreat will definitely make you feel more optimistic and energetic, despite the fact that summer’s gone. Therefore, here are some decor tips that will help you beautify your own woodland retreat, whether it`s a cozy garden house or a remote forest cottage:

Wood is your best friend


There’s something about wood that makes it seem so friendly and cozy, so the first thing you should do is embellish your retreat with wooden furniture, floors, and panels. Additionally, that will create an atmosphere of warmth, and if you prefer granite and marble, feel free to incorporate those, but don’t stay away from wooden details, as they’ll surely add a special charm to your woodland retreat. Rustic decor is often the prettiest and most convenient way to spruce up your little wooden retreat.

Get a rocking chair or an armchair that will be yours only


Going away from the weekend probably means you’ll be working less and relaxing more, and what better way to relax than to have your own armchair or a rocking chair where you’ll be able to read your favorite books, while wrapped in a comfy blanket with a cup of steaming tea by your side? Furthermore, you can add a pumpkin or two to accentuate the autumn atmosphere and make it feel more authentic.

Mix different colors


Autumn is often associated with brown, yellow, orange and red colors, but in case you want to experiment, feel free to combine different colors. Don’t be afraid to mix warm colors with cool tones such as green, blue and grey, since that will create an interesting contrast that will only make your retreat look more elegant and interesting. Besides cool tones, you can experiment with neutral and pastel tones such as white, barely blue or green.

Don’t neglect the front porch


Autumns don’t necessarily have to be cold, so it would be a pity to spend all your free time indoors, no matter how beautiful your retreat might be. So, investing in double rocking bench, an outdoor sofa or some regular (but still comfortable) chairs can be a great way to spend some time in fresh air without actually going too far. Mix some plaid blankets and a few cushions for the ultimate outdoor autumn experience.


Your bed is your sanctuary


Just because your woodland retreat isn’t your main place of residence, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort and get yourself a super comfortable bed that will help you get some rest you deserve so much. You can opt for any bed size you want, but always make sure to get soft linens and pillows that will be cozy enough to ensure you’ll have a deep and refreshing sleep. Also, make sure to get a customizable king mattress, so you’ll be able to sleep without feeling all sore and stiff the next morning. Spending a night or two at your woodland retreat will surely make you feel more energized and ready to tackle all the work challenges.

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere 


Even if you’re not a fan of this delicious and intrinsically autumn plant, keep in mind that it is a perfect autumn decor accessory. Besides the Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes, you can use pumpkins to create a candy dispenser, a kitchen scale, decor baskets and many more. You can even wrap them in stickers or repaint them to create unique decor items that will surely turn your woodland retreat into a special place.

Make sure to use all the empty spaces


Woodland retreats aren’t that big, so it’s important to use every bit of space wisely. Redecorating a nook and cranny into a cozy reading comfy reading place will definitely bring you feelings of peacefulness, especially if you really need some time away from all the noise and bustle so common in urban areas. Using empty spaces can significantly transform your retreat and make it more comfortable and pleasant.

Don’t forget the little details


Having cozy chairs, sofas, and a bed is enough to make you feel rested, but if you want to spruce up your little retreat, it’s important to add certain elements that will make the place look really beautiful. Adding romantic floor lamps, candles and various types of plants can enrich your place and add a bit of glamour to the space that surely needs some, since it’s (probably) a bit far from all the upsides that are part of living in a big city. Adding some autumn flowers such as dahlias and orange gerberas will make your retreat look more approachable and elegant. Also, window wreaths made of dried autumn leaves and flowers will make your windows stand out, especially if you don’t love heavy and colorful curtains.

Embracing the autumn can bring you a lot of calmness and hope mainly if you’re a summer person. Spending time at your own woodland retreat can help you get inspired and motivated for all the tasks you need to complete until the end of the year. It’s surely a great way to feel good despite the rain and cold weather, so make sure to decorate it in a way that will make you feel cozy and satisfied.

Lilly-Miller-AuthorAbout the author: Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer and a passionate writer. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney.

“Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws his own portrait.”

 – Jean – Paul Sartre

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