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Wall Mirrors 37″, 38″, 39″: 

37 to 39 inches is a good height for a vanity mirror depending on the height of your ceilings or used horizontally for a very large single vanity cabinet. It’s also a good height for a foyer or living room with very high ceilings. We have an excellent selection of mirrors this size including artistic round mirrors, rectangular, and arched mirrors that are perfect for a dresser.

Category_WM_Sizes-cWall Mirrors  37″ 38″ 39″

Use a large round mirror above a queen size bed for a shot of high style in the master bedroom. A round mirror softens and adds balance to a room with a lot of rectangular shaped objects such as a bedroom. In the bath never use a mirror larger than the vanity or a mirror that is taller than the height of the vanity.

Allow for some space between the top of the mirror and the ceiling – and from the end of the mirror and the end of the vanity cabinet.

Wall Mirror by Size Brands

We carry several brands such as Uttermost, Howard Elliott, Wildwood, Chelsea House, Dimond and Decorative Crafts.  These brands offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors at affordable to high-end prices.


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