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Inspired by classic design, but modified to incorporate contemporary design trends.   We offer a full line of Chelsea House floor lamps at 20-40% off every day. In addition, other discounts may be available – CALL US. Typically, orders are shipped within 7-10 days. 

General Lighting, Reading, or Accent Floor Lamp


Many floor lamps are very adaptable and flexible and they are all very functional.

Reading lamps

give directional light down on your book, others give more general light and many can give both. 

Touchier floor lamps

provide soft comfortable light that bounces off the ceiling and illuminates your space when indirect lighting is needed.

Table floor lamps

even provide a place for a book or cup of coffee and are very functional.

Bedroom floor lamps

are an excellent alternative to a dresser table lamp. They provide light and add style, but do not take up space on the dresser.

And lastly, floor lamps provide a vertical element to a room – that can help draw the eye upwards.

Today’s floor lamps are better than ever; providing style, function, and beauty to the home.

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