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Rectangular Wall Mirrors for Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Dining Room

Rectangular mirrors can work just about anywhere and are an excellent choice. We carry large and not-so-large, tall and not-so-tall, with a very large range of frame styles and finishes from simple to elaborate.

Category_WM_Rectangular-cWe carry rectangular mirrors by top name brands – Uttermost, Chelsea House, Decorative Crafts, Howard Elliott, Dimond, and Wildwood.  Within these brands, we have an excellent mix of mirrors – from simple and uncomplicated, to dramatic and attention-getting, to elaborate and regal. Free shipping, no tax.

Rectangular Wall Mirrors

Although we usually see rectangular mirrors placed vertically, they are also placed horizontally – above a vanity, couch, or buffet table. A large horizontally placed mirror will give the illusion of a wider space. Used in a narrow entryway or the end of a hallway the mirror will open up any space and make it look wider. Placing a large mirror at the end of a hall will also seem to shorten the length of it. Placing a horizontal mirror along the side of a hall will seem to lengthen it.

Likewise, a mirror will make a long narrow room look wider as well. A tall narrow rectangular mirror placed vertically will make the ceiling appear higher. A wide but shorter mirror will do the opposite and bring a very high ceiling to appear lower. If you have a long expanse of wall that you would like to make shorter use a large wide mirror. For a narrow wall use a narrow mirror.

Rectangular Mirror Brands

We carry several brands such as Uttermost, Howard Elliott, Wildwood, Chelsea House, Dimond and Decorative Crafts.  These brands offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors at affordable to high-end prices.

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